Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Get ready for a whole bunch of sea otter photos!

Ok, so it didn't take me a whole day more to post the rest of the photos from the Monterey harbor. There are a lot though! The following shots are of a mom and pup otter foraging. They came up with many different prey items: fat innkeeper worms, crabs, clams and shrimp! We don't get the privilege of seeing otters eat shrimp very often, in fact I have only seen it once other than yesterday. This is what made these photos really exciting for me. They are also in really good light so that helps! 

This is the mom eating right in front of a boat

The mom again, she is showing her tags before diving for some more food

This is the mom eating a fat innkeeper worm.

The mom again eating a fat innkeeper worm

Mom with two fat innkeepers and a gull who wants leftovers

Mom with a fat innkeeper worm and a really persistent gull (Mine, Mine, Mine!)

Mom and pup with the gull screaming in the background

This is the pup about to dive

The pup eating a clam that his mom gave up

The pup eating a shrimp

The pup finishing a shrimp off

Mom eating a shrimp

Mom eating a shrimp

Mom gave her shrimp to the pup


  1. Nicole these are so unreal. Even the squirting of the worm as it burst...and the shrimp ,that was so interesting. Your Photos all tell a story.A story we would never see, nor know about if it were not for your photos and narriatives.

  2. I wonder if they mind getting caught with their mouth full all the time? :)
    We humans wouldn't be nearly as cute!!!