Monday, April 11, 2011

Where does all the water go?

The lack of posts is due to a few different things- one: it has been dumping rain, foggy and windy a lot this past month (which is not ideal for photography), two: I have had crazy things going on not related to photography- like dealing with moldy stuff, the main artery to Big Sur partially falling into the ocean... and others.

So my take on all of this rain is to take pictures of the 'leftover water.' There are a ton of cute little (and not-so-little) waterfalls around. This photo was taken on Nacimento- Ferguson road on March 30. N-F road is currently the fastest way to get from Big Sur to anywhere north of us. It winds through the Santa Lucia mountains and Fort Hunter Ligget army base. It is a beautiful and slow road. For the first 16 miles it is an average speed of 20 when there is no precipitation. I took this photo near mile marker 4 (4 miles east of the ocean).

(1 sec exp at F22, ISO 100)

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