Saturday, December 24, 2011

December: cold and sunny!

With very few exceptions this month, I haven't had a lot of time to go out and take photos. Yesterday UI got some great photos while working, but they will be posted on monday... gotta space them out a bit!

The combination of travel, work and bad weather have given me very few opportunities over the past few months to get out with my camera. Today there will be a few birds from Big Sur and a few otters from Monterey along with a landscape shot of the wonderful fall sunsets here in California.

These are both photos of a female Anna's hummingbird at Sea Lion Cove in Big Sur.

These are two female buffleheads taking off at Jetty Road in Moss Landing on December 9th.

These photos were also taken on December 9th at the harbor in Monterey. It is a mom and small pup eating fat innkeeper worms.

And last, I leave you with a sunset that made me remember why I absolutely love living along the coast in California. This was taken October 16th at Monastery beach in Carmel. There was an annoying moment that went along with this photo, but I prefer to just look at the pretty colors and forget the stupid teenagers that I encountered that day!

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