Sunday, October 17, 2010

Rainy Days

Since it is raining today here in Big Sur, I thought I would come up to town and use the internet. We are still internet-less in Big Creek. The plus side is that it gives me more time to edit my photos!

Today the theme of the photos is sea otters and harbor seals. These photos are from last month in Monterey at Otter Point.

 This is a foraging otter near a hauled out harbor seal. The harbor seal was looking so far back at the otter that he/she fell off the rock right after this picture!
 Two harbor seals. The seal in the water got up on the rock after this photo, which the already hauled out seal did not like- sharing is not what harbor seals are known for.
 This female swam right past me with her prey item in hand. She later was the otter in the above photo with the harbor seal on the rock.
 This female otter was looking for some tasty prey items up in the surf grass.
 A harbor seal resting in the sun in Monterey.

 This is a pup and mom otter- the mom is diving on the left. When she was done eating the abalone, she gave her pup the empty shell to play with and try to get any leftover meat.
 This is a mom and pup otter. The mom is on the right- she is a tagged otter, you can see her yellow tag here.

This is the same mom and pup sharing an abalone. Otters will often break off a corner of the shell when prying the abalone off the rock. In this photo you can see the place where she broke off the shell.

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