Wednesday, October 27, 2010

... and things that swim!

The second post for today has photos that were also taken on last Thursday (10-21). On my way back home I stopped in Moss Landing because there was really good light and an otter close to the water's edge. All of these photos are of the same otter while she was grooming and getting ready to rest.

 As well as a beautiful otter there were about 40 black-crowned night herons hanging around. This was really exciting because, like in the morning at Struve Slough, I have never seen so many night herons together in the same place!
Last Thursday I didn't have any plans to stop and take photos, but the animals called out to me and I ended up taking a lot of photos that day. This is why, no matter where I go, I always bring my camera!


  1. I am just going crazy looking at these photos,they are so cute I love them all...I feel like I am getting the best view of them.....

  2. The otter is so cute. I love the large one where you got her whole body, and the one where it looks like she's covering her ears.