Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My! What large teeth you have!

It has been a while since I have added photos, and that is for a few reasons. One, I have been out of town and running around without time to go photograph stuff. Two, the weather has been less than ideal for picture taking... Either raining or realllllly cold or both. So here are a few photos that I took yesterday of my favorite photo subject.... otters! (and a kingfisher)

This is an otter hauled out at Jetty Road. They are so awkward looking when they are not in water.... The second photo is the same otter getting back into the water.

 This is a belted kingfisher hovering, probably looking for some food.

 And last is two more photos of an otter, to leave you with that warm and fuzzy feeling :)
 ....Just don't forget that they have nice big teeth and don't mind biting! No petting please....

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  1. Haha, he (or she) seems like he's flossing! Also, what is cold to you? 50 degrees? :)It's a nice, crisp, 29 degrees in the Chicago burbs....