Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Faster Than a Cheetah

The once endangered peregrine falcon (Falco peregrinus) is an amazing bird. It can reach speeds of up to 175 mph while diving making it the fastest bird on record. They mostly eat other birds and have been able to adapt to city life, unlike many other birds of prey. The peregrine falcon is a common bird of prey in Big Sur, but I never get a chance to get close to them while I have a camera in my hand. Yesterday morning I got that chance. As I was driving along Hwy 1 I saw a peregrine sitting on a telephone wire and immediately stopped my car. I half expected the bird to fly away because I had to walk past the bird to get the 'good light' but it decided to hang out for a while so that I could get some photos.

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  1. This is incredible!! These pictures are amazing, you are such a great photographer and I can't believe you got photos of a peregrine falcon, they are such beautiful animals.