Sunday, February 6, 2011

Still playing catch-up!

Here are some more photos that are a little older than they should be... The first is an Anna's hummingbird at Big Creek in Big Sur.
Next are 2 white tailed kites in Moss Landing on Jetty Road. There is a tree (that is just a bit farther away than I would like!) where a kite is sitting almost every day. This day there were two!  

The same day in Moss Landing I also watched some shore birds. This willet was flying away from a mean gull that stole its crab. (those photos have not been edited yet, soon to come!) 

And stretching back farther into my non-edited photos folder were some photos, also from Moss Landing, of a snowy egret fishing.  

Last, I leave you with a photogenic male otter hanging out in Moss Landing. The 'cute' factor of the day. 

I am still working to catch up on my photo editing, but I am getting caught up slowly. Hopefully there will be some more photos up here later this week.

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