Friday, May 31, 2013

Santa Cruz Island

I am a little behind on these photos. We were camping at Santa Cruz island about 5 weeks ago. Santa Cruz island is the largest of the northern islands in the Channel Islands chain off the coast of Southern California. If you are able, I highly suggest checking out some or all of the islands. They really are something special. We had some overcast days while we were there, which bummed me out from a photo standpoint, but still had an amazing time. Can't wait to return!

China Harbor at Santa Cruz island

Bluff on the North side of Santa Cruz island

Cave near Potato Cove, Santa Cruz island

Channel Islands Fox

Channel Islands Fox

Trails on Santa Cruz island

Potato Harbor, Santa Cruz island

The North side of Santa Cruz island

Friendly humpack whale on our trip out to the island. It was a mom/calf pair that were so close that my large lens couldn't get both of them in the frame!

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