Monday, May 6, 2013

What's the word, hummingbird!

I missed a lot of the events at my hummingbird nest this year because of work and how high up the nest was. Then, at the zoo a few weeks ago one of the keepers pointed out a nest right at eye level. Probably because this Anna's hummingbird (Calype anna) is a little more used to people all around her, she doesn't seem too bothered by people watching her chicks grow up. The last week of the chicks nest time I was camping out at Santa Cruz, but I was happy that I got to see this mom raise her young as much as I did!

Mom feeding her young chick. They were so small that they barely poked out of the nest.

Mom feeding the chick. The chicks stick out a bit more and are starting to grow in feathers.

Notice the chick on the right has its tongue out.

Mom fluffing out her feathers after feeding the chicks.

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