Thursday, October 16, 2014

Peru: More Manu

Today I am going to finish out the photos from the first half of working at Wayqecha. (As a reminder, these photos were taken between July 17 and August 16 at about 3000 meter elevation)

Scarlet-bellied mountain tanager (Anisognathus igniventris)

Lymanopoda butterfly. I saw these guys very rarely, maybe only 2-4 times.

White-throated hawk (Buteo albigula)

Fog covering the mountainside.

And now for the last few photos, these were taken after we captured the bird in a mist-net. For non-target species (which varied depending on what we were doing that day), we just collected some basic measurements and photos and then released the bird.

Slaty-backed chat-tyrant (Ochthoeca cinnamomeiventris)

Female great thrush (Turdus fuscater)

Black-throated flowerpiercer (Diglossa brunneiventris). Notice the curved bill- this helps them grab the top of the flower and then pierce the flower with their sharp lower beak.

Yellow-breasted brush finch (Atlapetes latinuchus). These were really abundant around our tents and we very good at making sure I didn't sleep in.

One last photo of Lola. (She made it into every post so far!) Her ruffled feathers amused us and made her really easy to ID in the field.